Kudos to These Companies who Honor their Word!


I specifically signed up for a Gmail account to use for on-line ordering.   Of course, once you’ve ordered from a company, they use your email address to send sales alerts – some companies send them more than once a day.  I know this is part of life on line, and that’s why I only use the Gmail account for ordering.   Almost all sites, when you order, give you the option to uncheck a box so you won’t receive their email alerts.    I always ask not to be put on a list at a store, as well, and the clerk will assure me I won’t receive the alerts.   70% of the time you get them anyway.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve unchecked the box that says send me email alerts, only to receive them anyway.  Then I have to go and unsubscribe.  That only works about 50% of the time.  When they won’t honor their word in this way, there is a cost.  I no longer do business with that company. 

Rather than a long list of offenders, here’s a list of those companies who have honored my request on whether or not to receive their email this season. 

  • Zappos.com
  • Canon
  • Staples
  • Southwest Airlines
  • The Container Store
  • Chico’s
  • White House/Black Market
  • Famous Dave’s

 Thanks for doing what you say you will do.

Take This Christmas Story Quiz


As children, we hear the story of Jesus birth told.  Over the years we continue to hear different versions,  so I was surprised when I first took this quiz years ago to realize how distorted my view of the story was from Scripture.  Here are a few of the questions – see how you do.  Answers are at the bottom.

1) What did the innkeeper tell Mary and Joseph?

a) no room in the inn  b) you can use a stable  c) both a & b  d) none of the above

 2) Jesus was delivered in a

a) barn   b) manger  c) cave   d) unknown


3) The wise men found Jesus in a:

a) manger   b) stable   c)  house   d) none of the above


4) Who told Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?

a) the angel    b) Mary’s mother   c) Herod    d) Caesar Augustus


5) Who saw the star in the east?

a) shepherd    b) Mary and Joseph   c) three kings   d) none of the above



1) D  Luke 2:7                      2) D –Luke 2: 7 –  possible a cave since stables were usually in one, but unknown

 3) C – Matthew 2:11                       4) D – Luke 2:1,4               5) E – Matthew 2:1-2


Merry Christmas

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace good will toward men.”   

 Luke 2:14


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Being an Integrity Fanatic

Let’s start with the ugly.  I recently had a lapse in integrity – and was challenged on it by a neighbor –because I branded myself as the Integrity Fanatic.  He was right and it was painful.  At the same time, we’re all human and none of us is perfect.  It’s about whether we make amends and fix our bad choices that enables us to live out our commitment to integrity.  I had made a poor choice and voluntarily confessed and tried to make amends.  Unfortunately, he believed that as the Integrity Fanatic I should never, ever make a mistake.   That’s the ugly – unrealistic expectations.

Next is the bad.  It’s the word fanatic.  It means a person with extreme zeal – so I believe it defines who I am around integrity fairly well. But depending on which generation you are in, being a fanatic can be bad.  For the oldest generation in our society – born before 1945 – the word fanatic means passionately crazy – in other words, out of control.  And being out of control isn’t something they value.  I actually knew this when I picked the name, I just didn’t realize how prevalent the dislike would be in that generation. That’s the bad – there’s a group of people who simply don’t relate to the idea I’m trying to convey.

Finally, the good.  Calling myself an integrity fanatic has made me hold myself to a higher standard.  I was recently in line to enter a club with a cover charge – famous for it’s dueling pianos.  As I struck up a conversation with another person in line, she invited me to use the special entry word for the birthday party being held upstairs and save on the cover charge.  I found myself seriously considering it – and then remembering that wasn’t an option.  Similar challenges happen more often than I expected.   So while I could beat myself up for not having the right first response, I know that being an integrity fanatic has set a higher moral compass for me.  And that’s the good.