How do you pick up the pieces when life takes a tumble?

On our recent vacation, we flew through the Milwaukee airport.   After going through security, we spotted what they call the “recombobulation area”.  It’s the place where you

  • Put your belt back on
  • Put on and tie your shoes
  • Put your wallet back in a pocket
  • Get your laptop back in it’s case
  • And put your jacket back on.

Most people end up feeling a little discombobulated after being screened.  So it was great to see the airport had a sense of humor and provided an area where you can get it all together again.

When your life takes a tumble , or you are just are worn out from the cares of this world,  you need a recombobulation areas in your life.  As we stress out over work, as we are stripped of our dignity by others, as we start to question who we are and why we do what we do, spending time in quiet helps us pick up the pieces and put them back together again.

My recombobulation area is a small table at a downstairs window that looks out over a variety of bird feeders in our back yard.  Time with the Lord, in prayer and journaling – where I can look up and see the beauty of His creation – makes all the difference in how I approach the world.  It keeps me whole and helps me maintain my integrity.

“A lack of quiet in a leader’s life leads to soul insanity.”   –Dan Webster