An update on my used car buying saga

 So last week I told you about 3 out of 4 sales people who either lied or obscured the truth.  This weekend I went to a dealership with a great reputation in town and my expectations were high.  Too high, unfortunately.

 The salesman came out to greet us and asked if he could get someone to help us.  Strange question, it seemed, since I didn’t know why he couldn’t do so.  We explained we wanted to see two specific models and discuss the pros of each one.  Instead of being cooperative, getting keys to show us those models, he responded this way:

We sell over 800 cars a month – come back when you are ready to actually buy.” 

 I explained that we wanted to look at our options in models now, and then come back to negotiate on an actual car when we were closer to the purchase.  He obviously had no interest in working with us and “shooed” us on.  That doesn’t make sense.  When we are ready to make the actual purchase, he won’t be getting our business.   If he’d treated us with integrity and respect, we would have been back in a few weeks and he would have had a sale.  Guess he’s not that hungry for a sale.

 Any recommendations on great sales people? 

All I want to do is buy a quality used car…

 I went used car shopping last week, visiting 4 dealers.  After doing some research in Consumer Reports on reliable cars, I test drove some of those mentioned in their April issue to narrow the field.  All I wanted was to have an honest discussion and talk about pros and cons of the cars.

 Three of four salesman either lied or failed to disclose needed informationSalesman 1 encouraged me to drive another car, telling me it was listed as a ‘best buy’ in Consumer Reports.  Turns out it was actually not recommended.  So I scratched that dealership off my list.  Salesman 2 gave me a  story about a little old couple who owned the car before me and how great a deal it was – but I found out it he was asking $4000 over the Kelly Blue Book price.  He proceeded to bash every other car make I was planning to look at.  Scratch off dealer number 2.  Salesman 3 extolled the virtues of his make, telling me how it was top rated for years, reliable – and then proceeded to push the only model in their line that was not recommended by CR. Scratch dealership 3. Salesman 4 got it right.  He shared the pros and cons, had copies of car fax reports, and a copy of the April issue of Consumer Reports.

 When a salesman isn’t straight with me, it effects my perceptions of the dealership.  So I’ll continue to look and consider my options – but Salesman 4 and the Darrell Waltrip dealership will definitely be seeing me again.  He had integrity.

Share your car shopping stories.