Integrity Challenge #3

A men’s’ clothing company has a core value of building a team oriented, collective work environment for  employees.  They track the number of tickets written by each salesperson.  Over the last two weeks, the manager, John, notices that Stephen has written significantly more tickets than others salesmen n the store.  John suspects Stephen has been cutting out other salespeople.  What are John’s options for modeling the core values of the store?

Integrity Challenge- #1

A fork in the road requires you to make a decision.  We face decisions daily – it’s the little choices we make that add up to integrity.  When we know what our core values are, the challenge is to live them out in everyday life.  Over the next two weeks, I’ll share real life integrity challenges and let’s talk about what the right thing is to do.

 You are in line at a popular night club waiting to get in to see the place.  You’ve heard it’s a great, fun venue to experience while visiting the city.  The cover charge is $5 per person.  While in line, a man ahead of you tells you tell the doorman you’re here with the Knox party.  He says over 100 people are attending a birthday party upstairs and you are now one of the invited guests.  Drinks at his party are only 50 cents until 7 pm.  Do you use the name Knox to avoid the cover charge and get cheaper drinks? 

 What would you do?         How do you make your decision?