When a Mistake isn’t a Mistake


The press conference of Rep.  Weiner was painful to listen to.  His heartfelt apology made it clear he was taking responsibility for the actions he has admitted to taking.  Unfortunately, his choice of words left much to be desired as he called his actions a mistake.  As he continued to talk, it became clear to me he either didn’t know the difference between a mistake and a poor choice – or he’d chosen to use the word ‘mistake” to make his actions sound less serious. 

 Do you know the difference between a mistake and a poor choice?    A mistake is an error, misunderstanding, or misinterpretation.  We make a mistake when we don’t have enough information to do right.   A poor choice occurs when we have enough information to know what not to do(or should know) and do it anyway.  While we need to take responsibility for both mistakes and poor choices, there’s a lot more impact on our character as the result of a poor choice.

Mistake Poor Choice
Bad math on my tax return Choosing not to report income
Misunderstand what you said Choosing to ignore what you said
Stepping wrong off the curb Ignoring the walk signal
  Posting a lewd picture on Twitter
  Taking funds from my employer
  Slamming someone on Facebook

 Many years ago I chose to call in sick instead of teaching a class.  It was a very poor choice and I learned a hard lesson.   I had made a poor choice and I paid a price.  But I also learned something about integrity. 

 How would you define a poor choice ?

3 Must Do’s in Social Media


I was at the National Speaker Association UnConference Friday – Sunday and came away with great ideas and amazing content.  One of the best came from Nathan Kievman, CEO of Demming Hill – who said all interaction in social media should do three things:

 (1) Build Trust – Is your social media strategy building trust for your target market?

 (2) Build Credibility – Do your communications consistently represent your brand, who you are?                   

 (3) Eliminate Risk – Do you eliminate risk in their choosing to do business with you?

 It’s all about integrity.  Thanks to Nathan (www.linkedin.com/in/nathankievman)for a great concept and actionable idea!