“Nancy was selected to assist our top leaders from a long list of possible coaches. Those leaders are beyond satisfied with the way she is helping them progress down avenues of personal growth and all are delivering measurable business results on the goals they set with her. We couldn’t be more pleased!”
Ann Ashley, SPHR, VP of Staffing and Professional Development, The Biltmore Company,
Asheville, NC

“During my time at Ingram Content Group, I had the pleasure of having Nancy as my coach & mentor. Nancy took the time to not only get to know me personally, but to understand the challenges I was facing as a new manager within a growing organization. Her guidance and influence gave me the confidence to handle difficult conversations, associate accountability as well as how to positively motivate a team. I cannot thank Nancy enough for her expertise and the time she took to coach me through different scenarios and situations – she made such an impact on me & my career – one that I will never be able to repay. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Nancy again in the future!“
Susan Ringley, CIR Senior Recruiter, UBS

Leadership Training/Facilitation

“Your customized leadership excellence training helps me keep talented people on my senior team and give them the skills to take more strategic opportunities. After all, if we don’t, someone else will. “
Dave Piper, Managing Director,
Lightning Source Industries, (ICG), United Kingdom

“We have accomplished more in 6 hours with Nancy than we have in the past 6 months on our own.”
Greg Lemon, CEO, Kraft Enterprise Systems

“Nancy is very good at quickly understanding the key issues within an organization and helping leaders in that organization recognize them. She is also good at challenging those leaders to incorporate realistic tactics to work toward resolutions.”
Alfonso Alexander, Chief People Officer, NASBA

“Thank you so much for your very practical and Biblical webcast today on conflict resolution – wow!   I mentioned I’ve been hosting webinars and conference calls for about 14 years now and I can’t recall a time where the audience QA reflected such raw emotion, so we really addressed a felt need today, and you did an amazing job of addressing those concerns with wisdom and clarity.”
Mike Buwalda, Money for Ministry LLC

“Nancy is a ROCKSTAR facilitator that not only delivers great content, but brings the content to life and allows the content to be the hero. No over the top tactics, just great content, and a great facilitator.”
Bill Pappetas, Vice President – Retail Group, Oreck Corporation

“If you have not been fortunate enough to work with Nancy and you are looking for a speaker, facilitator, coach, or business consultant, rest assured you will be overwhelmingly pleased with Nancy Reece. She is everything she promotes and more. (Who else would have the guts to call themselves the Integrity Fanatic and then have to live up to it?) Do not hesitate to hire Nancy…she will not disappoint.”
Cindi Parmenter, COO, Williamson, Inc.

“Nancy Reece provides service in a spirit of excellence and integrity.”
Pam Jones, Human Resources, BMI



“I have been searching for the right business partner who would challenge us and our thinking, to get us out of our comfort zone, and to achieve a paradigm shift as it relates to our roles as ICG’s human capital champions. In partnering with Nancy Reece and the Human Capital Group, Inc. we are accomplishing that journey.”
Wayne Keegan, Chief Human Resources Officer, Ingram Content Group

“Nancy worked with our leadership team at Kraft Enterprise Systems. Her experience in coaching teams and prior “real world experience” helped create an instant bond with my leadership team. We accomplished more in 6 hours with Nancy than we have in the past 6 months on our own.”
Greg Lemon, CEO Kraft Enterprise Systems

“Last year, Nancy led a yearlong leadership academy for our staff, which exceeded all of our expectations. As a trainer, Nancy truly cares about each staff member and their own personal development. She has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and connected with all levels of our organization. I highly recommend The Human Capital Group, Inc. and Nancy Reece to anyone who is looking to build the function and ethical standards within their staff team.”
Dan McConnell, President/CEO, The Family YMCA, Augusta, GA

Church Leadership

“As I left the retreat, I was fired up. Things would be different. No is now a part of my vocabulary, not only for my good but for my congregation’s good. I have peace in that.”
Minnie Mitchell
Pastor, New Life Ministries

“I remember well a professor telling me in 1984 as I completed a Master of Divinity it would last me for about 5 years in the world. Since that time the academy is the best training I have received.”
Paul Bane
Sr. Pastor, New Hope Community Church

“Every month I am applying almost 100% of what I am learning with my staff, the Board of Directors, and with the church. It’s great!”
German Castro
Sr. Pastor, El Shaddai Church

“I set the boundary on counseling and I know I wouldn’t have prior to this training. The weight was off my shoulders and I did it with prayer.”
Rev. Cora Alston
Faith Church

“I’ve taken ideas back, put them in practice, and seen the benefit in my personal walk and in the development of my congregation.”
Henry Coles, Jr
Senior Pastor, Faith Life Church

“This training gave me the ability to take my church to the next level, as I carved out more time for my family.”
David Yoder
Pastor, Faith Community Church

“It’s so hard for us to take time to do what we need to do which is to increase our level of understanding of this amazing call God has on our lives. I know you learn a lot going through the day to day, but there’s so much more to be gained when you sit with a group of your peers and really talk honestly and openly without hesitation. You begin to unravel some of the mystery of this calling.”
Jerry Bryant
Anchor Mission USA

“I’ve developed firm relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ from other denominations, races and cultures that have enriched my life and been a tremendous blessing.”
Mike Hancock
Bethel Church of the Nazarene

“One of the things I’ve come to understand is that you don’t know what you don’t know. One of the benefits of this program is the wealth of wisdom and the wealth of resources that are available to you. They pour into your life the missing pieces of the puzzle you didn’t even know were missing.”
Freddie Scott
Word of Life Christian Church